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PJ's Concrete Pumping has been associated with Fergusons Insurance Brokers for our business insurances since early 2003. Over that time we have been extremely happy with their high standard of more personal service and quality helpful advice and understanding, as our business has continued to grow.

They have gone above and beyond with their duty of care and assistance. We would thoroughly recommend Ferguson's Insurance Brokers to anyone seeking a reputable company to look after and understand their insurance needs.

- Rhonda
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Public & Products Liability Insurance

This Indemnity insurance is a must for any business, whether it be BHP Billiton or a one person sole trader.

Public Liability aims to cover you, the insured, for injury you may cause to third parties or damage to their property as a result of your negligence whilst undertaking your business activities.

Products Liability relates to third party injury or property damage, as a result of “products” you have supplied, manufactured, altered, imported, grown, constructed, serviced, sold, distributed etc. (the list goes on).

So all businesses have an exposure to Public Liability and many to Products Liability as well.

As you can imagine many factors go into pricing these covers. Some of the rating factors include the type of business, size of business (turnover, staff, and locations). Does the company import? Export? If exporting, does the business export to North America where the culture is more litigious than Australia and premiums substantially higher?

There are numerous extensions that can be added to a PPL policy and also a raft of exclusions, some that are non-negotiable and other that can be amended or deleted altogether.

It is imperative that professional advice is sort when obtaining the relevant cover as it is extremely important to ensure your businesses specific needs are catered for in a tailored PPL policy.

There are many other pitfalls that business owners need to be aware of when purchasing a PPL policy.

Does it include the liability of their unregistered plant? (Forklifts, earthmoving equipment etc.)  Because their motor policy will normally not pick this risk up. Does it cover goods of customers that are in their care, custody and control? If so to what limit? Is there cover for defamation, libel and slander?  Discharge of pollution? Internet issues? Online sales? Watercraft? Territorial limits?

It is a very complex area of insurance and one that needs careful, considered and professional scrutiny to set in place. The alternative is to leave those business owners and their personal assets unprotected and open to potential loss.