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Fergusons has been providing the ENZED Franchising network with insurance cover since 1982, when ENZED commenced franchising in Australia…

— Dennis Johnson, ENZED Franchise Manager

Personal Liability

The value of the personal liability section of your home contents insurance policy is often un-estimated or even ignored by clients when purchasing their householders insurance.

The intention of the personal liability section of your home contents cover is to protect you and your family against claims for compensation for which you become liable to pay for either personal injury to a third party for loss or damage to third parties property.  The cover is normally worldwide but does not include any business activities.

The level of cover is normally either $20,000,000 or $30,000,000 depending on the householders insurance product you purchase.

Over the years we have seen lots of personal liability claims;

  1. My 14 year old son riding his bicycle into side of neighbours parked car.  Damage to my neighbours Toyota Camry was over $2,500.
  2. My other son putting a golf ball through neighbours large glass window.
  3. Over flow of water from washing machine flooded neighbours unit downstairs.  Damage to neighbours home, contents plus temporary accommodation costs exceeded $40,000.
  4. When taking dog for a walk, dog escaped off leash and ran onto road causing minor motor accident.  Damage to car over $3,000.

Should you require any more information on personal liability cover please call one of our account managers on 03 9783 3200.