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All comprehensive car insurance policies are the same, right? Wrong!

Whilst most policies comprise of 2 sections – Own Damage and Third Party Liability – the covers themselves can vary greatly.

The biggest differences between policies are typically found in either the Additional Benefits or Optional Benefits sections.

Additional Benefits are those covers that are automatically included in the policy, while Optional Benefits are additional covers that must be selected and an extra cost paid to include them.

As an example, one of the most used benefits of car insurance policies, is the Excess Free Windscreen Replacement cover.

As the name suggests, this allows for a windscreen/window glass claim per year, where you do not have to pay any excess and this type of claim does not affect your rating or no claim bonus entitlement.

Some policies will provide this cover as an Additional Benefit and thereby, it’s automatically include in the policy cover, while others only allow the cover as an Optional Benefit and in that instance, you have to select and pay extra for the cover.

This is only one example, there are many more instances and it’s always wise to check the differences between policies.

With this in mind, be sure to speak to an Insurance Broker who can help navigate these tricky areas, and provide you with the tailored insurance policy that’s right for you.