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Commercial Motor (Car, Truck, Earthmoving, Plant)

Commercial Motor insurance is a very competitive sector in the insurance market in Australia. There are many providers and many differing conditions within their policies.

Commercial Motor policies can range from a single owner driver van, to a trucking company, or a fleet of  sedans. As there are many different options within the Commercial Motor section, it’s important that you obtain the professional advice of your broker to assist with navigating through these options.

With commercial motor vehicles (except sedans/wagons), you normally need to actually nominate a “Sum Insured”. This value needs to accurately represent the current market value of the vehicle. In the event of a total loss the settlement will be Market Value up to the nominated Sum Insured. Be careful not to under insure your vehicle, however, as you may be penalised in the event of a claim.

Depending on the type of work you’re using the vehicles for, there are certain extensions/conditions that may be needed, namely:

  • Liability extension for Dangerous/Hazardous Goods
  • On Hook Extension for goods being moved on a crane
  • Drivers Declarations must be completed prior to a driver being covered
  • Drivers having certain amounts of experience in the relevant class of vehicles being driven
  • When insuring trucks, trailers and prime movers you will also need to specify a readius of operation as premiums are normally geared to length of distance travelled

Clients who effect commercial motor policies should also consider; goods in transit insurance including tools stored in vehicles plus public & products liability insurance.