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We have been insuring through Fergusons for over 15 years and during that time the assistance provided has been excellent.  Fergusons service is very personal and we know we are getting the best deals with our renewals and the claims support has been first rate.

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Management Liability

Management Liability insurance protects the company, its directors and officers from the many exposures relating to the management of an organisation. Any person who owns or is involved in managing a business, carries specific responsibilities and any wrong doing may leave the company liable.  In addition, an individual person working in the business may also bear a personal liability from any wrong doing.

Management Liability insurance policies package together a number of covers and these include;

  • protection for the individual directors and officers of the company for any actual or alleged wrongful acts in the performance of their duties, as well as protection for the company for claims for any actual or alleged wrongful acts.

  • Employment Practices Liability for actual or alleged employment related wrongful acts, by or against employees, such as harassment, discrimination, wrongful dismissal, etc.

  • Additional covers can be included for risks like the fraudulent or dishonest act of an employee, through to protection for investigations, defence and penalties that may be awarded for a statutory breach.

The requirements for all businesses are not the same and it’s important you seek professional advice to ensure that you get the right policy, with the limits and additional extensions that you need.