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Fergusons has been providing the ENZED Franchising network with insurance cover since 1982, when ENZED commenced franchising in Australia…

— Dennis Johnson, ENZED Franchise Manager

Liability Cover and Sub Contractors

Most business owners engage contractors and sub-contractors from time to time. There are a number of insurance issues to watch out for when sub contacting work out.

  • Are the people you use suitably qualified and experienced?
  • What insurance cover do they have in place for third party property damage and personal injury? i.e. Public & Products Liability.
  • Do they have Workers Compensation cover?
  • If you are the principle or head contractor, what checks do you have in place to ensure the sub contactor has adequate insurance?

Ensure all your contractors and sub-contractors effect necessary insurance with yourselves nominated as the principal.

What to watch out for:

  • Remember that if you are the principal contractor and a sub-contractor cause property damage or personal injury, in a case of litigation you may be joined.
  • Have a check list for sub-contractors. Ask for a certificate of currency as a minimum. All insurers can issue these, on most occasions within 24 hours.
  • Public Liability insurance is not a substitute for the statutory requirement to have Workers Compensation insurance in place.

Ferguson Insurance Brokers are widely experienced in arranging insurance for all types of Builders and Trades and are available to guide you through the process and ensure correct policies are arranged.