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Householders Contents Sub Limits

The majority of Householders Contents insurance policies have sub limits on a number of items. Insurers will probably have sub limits on jewellery, collections, work related equipment, motor vehicle accessories, cash and even artwork.

Items of jewellery, gold or silver, furs, watches and coin collections generally have both an individual and collective sub limit meaning there is a sub limit for each piece as well as a sub limit for all items totaled together.

Work related equipment could include the home office items such as the computer & printer, trade tools and stock that are stored at home overnight.

The majority of insurers will have a sub limit on motor vehicle accessories that include car keys, trailers, small motor cycles & scooters when not in use. These items are similar to jewellery as the can have both an individual and collective sublimit.

Generally, the lower the sublimit the lower the premium. A number of insurers reduce their benefits in order to make their premiums lower & more price competitive. We suggest you check levels of sub limits before purchasing a policy. Higher values on items of contents can be arranged by specifying items.