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Employment Practices Liability

Many small businesses do not have their own dedicated human resources area, which can assist them with developing the right employment policies and procedures.

While many introduce their own processes to reduce their exposure, it can’t be eliminated completely.

Claims can arise from a number of areas and these include:

• Termination of employment

When employment is terminated it can result in an unfair dismissal claim being brought, even where the correct procedures have been followed. These matters can be time consuming and costly to deal with.

• Discrimination and harassment complaints

These complaints can be brought by employees or even job applicants, if they believe they have been discriminated against. Claims can relate to a number of different cases, including employment, equal pay, training, promotion, and conditions of employment.

Employees can also bring complaints of harassment in the workplace.

So what are the possible effects on the business?

Well, there’s the disruption in the work place for a start, as well as the likely bad publicity for the business.

Then there’s the financial cost if an employee pursues a claim.

Seeking advice from an insurance professional, will ensure that the business obtains the right Employment Practices Liability insurance policy and help minimise its exposure to claims.