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In close to 4 years of our dealings with Fergusons Insurance Brokers, they have been excellent in securing the best possible deal for all our insurance needs and handling any claims that we have had.  Fergusons have always been very responsive to Melsteel Pty Ltd as a customer

- Damian Holland, Financial Controller
  Melsteel Pty Ltd

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Cyber Liability

Data security is now more important than ever and with an alarming increase in cyber crime.  The risk to business is increasing all the time and Cyber Liability insurance should be part of your insurance program.

It’s not only large-scale businesses that are being affected, as recent evidence indicates that small to medium sized enterprises are increasingly being targeted by hackers.

If your business was subject to a cyber attack from external hackers or even a disgruntled ex-employee, you could face the loss of both personal and financial information, as well as having a ransom threat made against you.  The simple loss of a laptop, an iPad or an iPhone could also result in personal information falling into the wrong hands.

How would you deal with a ransom demand and what if a virus corrupted your system to the extent that your business could not operate or its earning capacity was significantly reduced?

Claims can also be made against you by customers or suppliers resulting from a data breach and what if the law required you to notify your customers of any possible breach?

What would you need to do and who would pay the costs involved?

That’s where Cyber Liability insurance can help you and an insurance professional is the best person to assist you in finding the solution that’s best for you.

Obtaining Cyber Liability insurance requires a thorough analysis of the risks and exposures to your business and it’s best to seek professional advice, to determine the type and level of cover that you require.