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As a client of Ferguson’s Insurance  for 30 plus years I have been fortunate to have consistently received excellent service throughout that time.

I feel that the needs of the client are always paramount whether it is offering advice on choosing a specific policy or in pursiong a claim for a positive outcome.

My account managers over the years have demonstrated the principles of a truly professional organisation.

Their advice has been invaluable. 

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Construction and Builders Warranty

As the name suggests, the purpose of Construction Works Insurance is to cover building works, should a loss or damage occur during construction. Insurance can be arranged specifically for each project or as an annual policy covering all projects under taken.


Construction Insurance policies are issued with two main sections:


Section 1: Material Damage

Covers unforeseen physical loss, destruction or damage to the contract works whilst they are under construction i.e. Fire, storm, flood, earthquake, theft, malicious damage, impact and other perils.


Additional covers can be added to section 1 such as; removal of debris, consultancy fee, expediting expenses, mitigation expenses, temporary protection, transit and storage of materials off site.


Section 2: Legal Liability (Public Liability)

Covers all sums for which the insured will be held legally liable in connection with the contract works.


Cover for specific works insurance must be effected prior to the commencement of the construction.

With regards to the annual policy, all jobs undertaken will be covered from commencement until completion or expiry date. The legal liability section the policy should be and generally is extended to cover liability of subcontractors.


Victorian Builders Warranty Insurance


Builders Warranty Insurance is compulsory for all residential building works carried out by a licensed builder or owner builder who intends to sell the dwelling within the warranty period and covers the purchaser and any subsequent owners of the property.


Residential Builders Warranty Insurance covers loss or damage resulting from non-completion of work, loss of deposit or breach of statutory warranty.

Cover may be triggered due to:

  • Death of the builder
  • Disappearance of the builder
  • Insolvency of the builder
  • Builder has failed to comply with tribunal or court order after 28 days